Some basic rules behind group box breaks.

What is a break?

This is a fun way for collectors to potentially receive cards from the favorite players or teams without purchasing an entire box or case. We have rules in place for multi-player cards and other scenarios that may happen as well, please read below for those rules.

All slots must be sold before we can have the break. In the event that your break doesn’t sell out, you will be given in-store credit for vendor #444 only. Refunds will not be given.

What all do we break?

  • Group Mixer Break: Multi-box group break. We pick an assortment of boxes to mix up the product. This can range from a couple boxes of ultra high end, to several boxes of mid-level products.

  • Group Case Break: A full, sealed master case of boxes in one break.

Random Team Breaks: Breaks that consist of a number of individuals paying the same price for a spot in the break. All the teams involved in the break then would be randomized live on camera, and matched up next to the individual's name which are also randomized. When you buy into a random team break, you'll know exactly which team you have before the box and case breaking begins. You will receive all cards. Cards will be available the following business day at the store. You must bring ID to pick up cards with name that matches paperwork.

Recording: Breaks will be streamed live on our Facebook page at

Watching a Break: All boxes will be shown before the break is started. Once the break starts all packs will be removed from the box and the empty box will be shown. As packs are opened cards that are deemed a "hit" will be shown up close and with extended time. All serial numbered cards will be called out.

Shipping: Shipping is available upon request but requires notification up front. Add $3.50 for shipping.

Conduct: Box breaking is a fun way for collectors to have opportunities to open boxes more often that they normally would get to. While it is fun, you may not always get the team you want or the players you prefer. There is a zero tolerance policy for cursing or fighting in the comments section of the break. Violation of this policy will instantly bar you from all future breaks.

Rules for Multi-Player Cards, Retired Multi-Team Players, and Moved Teams

Jersey Versus Text: Cards are awarded to the spot in which the text states over jersey shown on the image. If the car shows Lou Brock in a Cubs uniform, but states, “Cardinals”, it will be award to the Cardinals spot. If there is no team name present, it will go to the jersey displayed. If neither are available or able to be determined, it will go to the team that the player spent the most years with.

Multi-Player Cards: Most people a multiple card teams wins. For instance, 2 cardinals and 1 Yankee would go to Cardinals. In the event of a tie on teams, the card would go to the person who’s team appears highest (closest to #1) on the randomized teams list.

Retired or College Players: Sometimes products contain off the wall products or college players. If a retired player is pulled in a specific professional uniform than the card would be awarded to the shown team on the card. If a retired player is pulled in their college uniform the card would go to the team that they played for in the year the product was produced. If a player is retired, and no jersey is worn or team specified, it will go to the team that the player played the most games for. In addition, current professional players in college uniforms would go to the team that they played for in the year the product was produced. If a player played for a team that no longer exists, it will go to the team that they became.

Moved Teams Example

  • St. Louis Rams would go to the Los Angeles Rams

This should cover most instances, but in the event something new arises, will be sued to determine a winner.

Terms & Conditions

By entering into a County Seat Sports Break you are either purchasing a "slot" or having a product opened live and set aside for you in the store to pick up during business hours. In the event of having a team slot that doesn't receive any cards, you will not be refunded. When having product opened live for you, you will receive all the cards from the product that is opened.

By purchasing, you are entering the group or individual product break agreeing to our all sales are final policy for live breaks, regardless of the outcome of product content.

All dates and times for breaks are subject to change without prior notice and will not constitute a refund.